December 6, 2005

Grant Your Kid +5 Geekhood w/Plush D&D Dice

plush_8-sided_dice.jpgFuzzy dice are usually the province of wannabe-tacky pimps. But if you get your kid some fuzzy Dungeons & Dragons polyhedral dice now, while he's young, you can be pretty sure you'll save him from a life of frontin' and mackin' and such.

No, these dice will help him build character his whole life long. As to whether or not they're all Lawful Good elfin mages with 18 charisma and 18 wisdom and sweet +5 chain mail, well, with kids, you just never know what the future will bring.

Impulse buyers relax, though. Most of the 4-, 8-, and 20-sided dice aren't in stock right now or won't be released until after Christmas. Then they'll be $8.49-29.99 at Entertainment Earth [ via boingboing]


Now, don't you think that giving your kid a plushie Cthulhu is just a wee bit geekier?
Oh, and does have the plus D20s in stock, or at least they did this morning.

[you are such a nerd. -ed.]

I'm holding out for the plush dungeon master's screen...

Troll and Toad has a good selection starting at $4.95

I'm sure they would go great with the Level 1 Human creeper that Clara already owns..

[I am in awe. -ed.]

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