December 6, 2005

Canadian Baby Leather Industrial Complex Expands Into Bib Market

mally_bibs.jpgNot content merely with domination of the world market for cartoon-cute elastic booties, Canada's Baby Leather Industrial Complex is now expanding into bibs. Mally Bibs are made by a multinational leather bib megacorporation which goes by the name Nicole Garza [she's also a mother of two, apparently. Or should I say "allegedly."]

And of course, within one season, Mally Bibs has already switched from the simple two-tone bibs above to propagating a Robeez-like horde of cute little applique pictures.

They're available for $35CAN at that "Babys R Us of Montreal," Mortimer Snodgrass.
Mally Bibs [ via dt reader christy]

[update: Oops. The solid colors are on the back, and the magnet clasp is powerful enough to warrant a warning to keep it away from electronic equipment. Since men keep their wallets in their pockets, it's only a chick thing, but I'd imagine your credit cards are screwed if you throw a Mally Bib and your wallet into the diaper bag. Am I wrong? I hope I'm wrong.]


Am I the only one that finds these just a little bit creepy? Where can I get the coordinating ivory feeding spoon?

[just a sec, I'll go slaughter an elephant... -ed.]

Again, with the Canadian product names that no-one is quite sure how to pronounce....first Robeez, then mally-bib. (I think it's ROW-beez and MOLL-y-bib. ) I saw these at a store here in Toronto. They are pretty pricey for something that surely can't last much longer than a vinyl bib.

I don't like these--aren't they supposed to soak up the mess?

[not any more than a vinyl-coated or plastic one. I'm guessing they're not for chronic droolers. -ed.]

But hey, at only like $1.52 US, they probably hold up better than the paper disposables.....

Canadian Baby Leather? EWW! Nasty... man, we Canadians make some messed-up stuff.

[eww. sorry (to be the one to break it to you. heh). -ed.]

They sure are stylish, but why-oh-why would I ever want a leather bib?

Hello, this is Nicole Garza, founder of Mally Bibs. I would like to clarify a few things.

First off, I would like everyone to know that Mally Bibs is not a multinational leather bib megacorporation. In fact, it is a small home based business, which is run from the spare bedroom of my home. The next thing I would like everone to know, is that I truly am the proud mother of 2 beautiful young children who absolutely love my cartoon-cute designs. I feel that it's important that my product appeals to the people who make the buying decision as well as the people who will be wearing them - babies!

Next, I would like to explain the warning on the magnets. These magnets will not ruin credit cards. They are simply not powerful enough to do that. The reason that I do have the warning is in the unlikely event that someone put a pile of Mally Bibs on a laptop, pacemaker, or other high tech device, there may be damage, and I would like my customers to be aware of this possibility.

Next, in response to the comments, the leather industry is so huge that virtually everyone owns something made of leather, whether it's a wallet, shoes, a jacket, or furniture. The reason leather is such a popular choice for fashion and other items is that it is durable and lasts much longer than other materials. This is why I have found leather to be the right choice for bibs! The beauty of them not soaking up the mess; it's that it won't soak through to baby's clothes. The pocket should catch most of the mess, if you prefer to have that side as the front for extra-sloppy meals. The leather is so durable and stain resistant that these bibs will actually last longer than any other bib on the market. I guarantee that this is the only bib that you will ever need, a money saver in the long run!

Lastly, I would like to point out that Mally Bibs is a proud Omnimedia Quality of Life Product of the Year Award recipient for 2005 - so yay to Canadian designers, we make some great stuff!!

I would love for anyone who has a Mally Bib to post a comment. It's great to get feedback from people who have actually used them!

[Those Canadian leather bibmakers'll charm their way to world domination yet. Thanks for checking in, Nicole. IF that is your real name. (kidding! just kidding.) -ed.]

I'd like to post a few comments here in favor of Mally-Bibs. I have known Nicole (yes, it IS her real name!!!) for almost a year, and have watched her develop and produce this fantastic product. She was kind enough to give me a bib while she was marketing the product to test out on my children. It worked great - easy to clean, bright, colourful and appealing to my children and easy to store - right on the fridge.
I find it sad that people have come here to bash a product and a person they don't know instead of supporting small businesses and products designed and made in Canada.

Hey, just wanted to say that we love Mally-Bibs, and have met Nicole - she is not a faceless corporation or robot, just a mom with a great idea.
The concept for the product seemed weird at first, but I was so impressed by how they perform (don't stain, are easy to clean), I carry them in my boutique. My 2 year uses a Mally-Bib, or Built NY Tidy Bib, and that's it. Don't knock it 'til you try it.


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