December 5, 2005

NYT: Clement Hurd Still Hazardous To Children's Health

goodbye_moon.gifApparently, the cigarette--and the bong, Soloflex machine, and the Book of Mormon--are just the tip of the iceberg. Writer Karen Karbo points out a lot of other things in Clement Hurd's Goodnight Moon that could be sending the dangerously wrong message to children and ought to be digitally altered or removed:

H. A fire blazing in the fireplace while Bunny sleeps? Suggested change: Get rid of it. At the very least, digitally add a fire extinguisher to the wall. And hello? Where are the smoke detectors?

I. The United States Fire Administration advises against using "alternative heating devices" like fires to dry clothing. Suggested change: Digitally move mittens and socks to other end of the room.

Maybe we should all just read the totally blank Baby Bush Specially Edited Edition, just to be safe.

Goodbye, Moon [nyt via dt reader Chris]
The "What is Clement Holding?" Photoshop contest
Goodnight, Cigarette
Goodnight Nothing, Goodnight Bush: Baby Bush Toys

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