December 1, 2005

Congratulations, Ben Affleck! Jen, You Can Pick Up Your Crowning Earrings At The Nurse's Station

Pitocin.jpgThe Garner-Afflecks have had a baby girl, Violet Ann Affleck [family names], thanks, apparently, to the magic of Pitocin. Garner was induced a week ahead of her Dec. 8 due date, presumably so Violet could make the deadline for the cover of Us Magazine.

Thanks to the fine, nosy folks at Us Weekly--and the equally fine folks at Celebrity Baby Blog who've been hitting 'reload' on the Jennifer Garner fansite pages nonstop since Thanksgiving.

Jennifer Garner: still pregnant [cbb]


Hey now, we get the press releases like every other site! ;)

Us needs to get crackin' on the hospital stalking if they want a pic for next week. Or maybe Ben & Jen will do a photo op a la SJP and Matthew Broderick (wearing crowning earring, perhaps?)

[what I meant was, I'd never know what was in Us Magazine if it weren't for CBB... -ed.]

C'mon Greg, that's some quality reading material!

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