November 30, 2005

Jacqueline The Caribbean Nanny Lives In A Windowless Studio On 2

While I'm not ingratiating myself with many of my Upper East Side neighbors, I might as well point to this ad, which ran in Sunday's NYT Magazine. Its elitism is as transparently stupid as those Bridgemarket Food Emporium ads that used to run on the back page of Section A, ["I dare say, I must send my manservant Halstead to Bridgemarket to pick up some radicchio for my chic get-together with the Prince next week."] but it manages to fit it into far fewer words. Which is an accomplishment of sorts.

And furthermore, ignoring the fact that it's only 50' long, a private pool in the city should look like it's in the city: narrow and in a vaulted grotto, not like it's set into just another Modernist McManse patio in Greenwich. I guess I'm old-school that way.

CLEARLY defining your target audience.
[copyranter via curbed]


My husband works at Mt. Sinai, and this ad sends us into gales of laughter because we don't know anyone who works there who could afford an apartment in that building! Our version of the ad has Mom having an affair with her boss at Sotheby's to cover the mortgage.

Our version says he's a plastic surgeon who moonlights in emerg. at Sinai.

"...en suite bath and saline implants..."

I don't know anyone at Sotheby's who'd bother frankly, nor do they make the dollarees necessary.

I'd say shes chumping a client, thats the most likely scenario-o-o-o.

"...a Miro and 9 months of nasty with nancy..."

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