November 21, 2005

Baby Head Drawer Knobs

babyhead_knob.jpgI have approximately zero interest in most nursery knobs; frankly, I don't understand why they exist, other than to keep the nursery whimsical knob & pull industrial complex operating at full capacity. [And yes, circular reasoning is my point.]

But if there were more options like this gnarly babyface, which comes in a variety of metals and finishes, I might be persuaded to issue a reprieve.

Soko Babyface Knob, 1 1/4" w x 1 3/4" h, $36 at
[knobgallery via boingboing]


"" Really? Wow, I'm not even gonna touch that one.

["I'm not even gonna touch that one."? I'm not even gonna touch that one. -ed.]

that is the creepiest thing!!!!! I would never open a cabinet/dresser with a knob like that. It reminds me of something from the movie The Haunting. (The old one, not the Owen Wilson remake...)

[you mean "the Lili Taylor remake"? I was thinking of it, too. Or at least trailer, since I didn't see it. -ed.]

That' creepy looking.

That's messed-up on a lot of levels. Reminds me of "The Haunting," and nothing should remind me of that...

Think "Total Recall" and then if you can conjure that up try to remember Kuato. If you need help or just want to jog your repressed memory...

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