November 19, 2005

Just Because Elvis Did It Doesn't Make It Cool

last_elvis.jpgWhether it's a kid drowning in the tub in that split second when you go to answer the phone or the door, or a large-headed, top-heavy baby drowning in the toilet, the bathroom is the site of over 300 unnecessary drowning deaths each year. [Hmm. Since I can't find reliable figures for necessary drownings, maybe we'd better call them "easily preventable" instead.]

Check the CPSC tips for preventing household drowning accidents, don't leave a kid alone in the bathroom, and keep the toilet shut.

A public service announcement from the guy at Daddy Types who's had this list of people who died in the bathroom in his browser all week.


And the strangest thing is it seems to be a child's wonderland. I can't count the number of times I've opened the bathroom door to find my 1 year old ready to crawl in as I walk out. He just can't get enough of the bathroom.

[the kid does this fake "blow her nose" thing purely as an excuse to unroll the toilet paper. -ed.]

Add to the list, Agamemnon murdered in the bathtub after returning from the Trojan War. My liberal arts education finally pays off.

If my parents had locked our toilet seats when I was a kid I probably would have dehydrated to death. Ahh the good old days in Compton....

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