November 15, 2005

Little Marc: Marc Jacobs For Kids

marc_jacobs_cookie.jpgMarc Jacobs took over my pants collection years ago, so I, for one, am stoked that he's finally making clothing for children.

The collection, called Little Marc, is featured in the premiere issue of Cookie [yeah, I bought it; so sue me.], which calls it--in the delightful phrasing of a fashion magazine company in bed with its designer/advertiser/subject--"tightly edited."

For those who have never worked for Conde Nast, let me translate: three cashmere thermal sweaters ($295-395) and a pair of cashmere long johns ($195). Expensive, sure, but compared to the adult sizes ($1000), they're practically free.

In the Cookie article, Jacobs quotes his grandmother, who "always said, "I'd rather you have one very nice, high-quality sweater than six low-quality sweaters.'" Unfortunately, unless your kid only prowls around a design studio all day and night, he'll need more than a thermal underwear hoodie, even if it IS cashmere. Better get crackin' on more stuff, Markie!

Little Marc by Marc Jacobs- look under "special items" [ via cookie]

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Yeesh...that Marc Jacobs site is the most annoying collection of web gimics and browser control I've come across in a long time. I have no patience for that crap. Anyone know which stores carry his men's line? I'm always looking for a decent pair of pants. Oh yeah, and the kids could use some new stuff too.

what if I hate Little Marc Jacobs?

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