November 14, 2005

Saks To Be Ewe

cashmere_saks.jpgHarper Collins has published Cashmere If You Can, a children's book about a Mongolian cashmere goat named Wawa Hohhot and his family who live on the roof of Saks Fifth Avenue. The book was created as a marketing tool, and will initially be sold only as part of the department store's holiday promotional campaign:

"There's no real sell in the book," [Terron Schaefer, Saks SVP of marketing and the co-"author" of the book,] said. "It's just about being happy with who you are."

But the ultimate goal is, of course, all about marketing in some form. "If you can get into the lexicon of the public, I think we'll have accomplished something," he said. "Eloise at the Plaza; I rest my case."

Wawa: where mooks from the Jersey Shore and jappy Pennheads from Scarsdale have been getting their donuts, smokes, and beer since 1964. I rest my case.

The Goat at Saks and Other Marketing Tales
Buy Cashmere if you can [afford it?] for $16.99 and a 15" toy cashmere goat for $195 at Saks []

Previously: Andre Balasz commissions a children's book to sell some SoHo condos

1 Comment

Did you HONESTLY type the words "jappy Pennheads"?

[yep, just had my 10th Wharton reunion this year. -ed.]

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