November 13, 2005

Other Daddies Typing, Vol...I Forget

It must be getting old, this "I'm so far behind on other peoples' blogs" schtick. This time, I'm breaking this roundup into categories. First up, Required Reading:

  • If a Sweet Juniper falls in the forest and 100 million AOL users hear it, does my mentioning it make a sound? Dutch has started posting on Blogging Baby. [here he is talking about some crazy DVD salesman trying to teach your kid how to read corporate logos.]
  • Feminist4Fathers is just that, a politically energized blog in support of fathers rights. I agree and am glad for Terri's manifesto ("...Shared parenting works."), and though I think her heroes, Fathers4Justice, are often counterproductive freakbags whose own kids suffer for their parents' activism, she's still got my attention.
  • FINALLY, some dads are getting off their asses and blogging for a change. Dadcentric is like Heathers with babies. And balls. But wait, does that make me J.D. or Veronica? [via Heather]
  • Daddy Daze is one Massachusetts dad's blog about raising his two kids. It's full of great personal and practical info, but it was the kid in the Chewbacca costume that won me over. [Actually, with the hair, he looked a little like the love child of Chewie and Encino Man.] [via... um? help?]


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