November 10, 2005

Quinny vs. Bugaboo: Which One Is Best For Men With, Um, Big Feet?

Men with big feet drive Bugaboos, if you know what I mean... Brakes. Brakes. I'm talking about footbrakes, what did you think I meant?

Anyway, Anna from Amsterdam swears that she isn't "on a mission to promote Bugaboo over Quinny," it just looks that way. Here's what she said about the reactions in Holland to these two hometown favorite strollers, with my devil's advocate commentary in italics:

Cheers from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. There are a lot of Quinnys and lot of Bugaboos around here (both Dutch =local brands). As they both are Dutch brands and there are zillion of them everywhere, it's not a question of 'cool design' or 'hip item' or 'fashion' (=not an artificial hype) BS**t, but instead a question of an actual practical use & just really normal, good/best stroller. [what was once New York/ is now New Amsterdam...]

Hence there's a lot of experience of both of them as well as consumer tests & reviews (probably more than in the whole US). In the reviews Bugaboo has won and Quinny lost. These are the main complaints which repeat over and over again (not just single individuals)...buzz_brake_box.jpg

  • The wheels squeak, creak and donít drive smoothly outside (due to the front wheels). The wheels also donít absorb any roughness, so if you want to ride smoothly, you need to till it to itís 2 back wheels.

  • If you donít have the Buzz-box, thereís no place to put your shopping. If you do have the Buzz-box, you are kicking it with your feet constantly when walking.

  • The brake is a dramatic construction.[?? or obstruction?] Itís next to the wheel and pretty small button for men with big feet, and lots of them have difficulties to put the brakes on. Furthermore, with sand in the wheels, the breaks donít always hold. [according to, the 2006 Buzz has both an improved brake and the Buzz-box standard, though.]

  • It is too wide to go through the doors, people ride over other peopleís toes frequently.

  • Itís also too heavy to carry around when folded. [whereas the Bug's two pieces distribute the weight more evenly?]

  • The front wheel doesnít always go to the right direction on slippery floors and when pulling.

  • The seat/carrycot is crooked [i.e., on an incline] which way ever you mount it on. So when the child is sleeping, the head is always downwards and their legs upwards. [um, are you sure you didn't put the kid in upside down?]

  • Folding goes relatively easily, but if you need to pull it apart, thatís rather difficult...

    Hope this helps. I'm not on a mission to promote Bugaboo over Quinny. [whichc is why I edited out the total pro-Bug paragraph before thi s one] Just know a lot of experiences. However, decide for yourself what is important to you! If you have a chance, test drive them both before making a choice...

    If you can read Dutch go to this messageboard thread and read all the comments yourself. [go ahead, I'll wait here. What, you DON'T read Dutch?? -ed.]

    Related: Read an exhaustive review of the Buzz at


    Another great stroller for guys with is the Phil and Teds. We just bought one and it's fantastic. Particularly the ability to add a second child to it with a very clever attachment

    The downsides of the Buzz are true, but negligible.

    The squeaking we had on the front wheels, but was easily fixed with some oil.

    My feet are size 11, but the brakes work fine. I found out sometimes you need to roll back and forth a bit until the brakes kick in.

    Kicking the Buzz Box only happens if I don't extend the handle. If I adjust it to my height, there's no issue. It does get dirty, though, and is in the way when you fold the Buzz.

    If you take off the wheels, the Buzz fits into every compact car. It is a hassle, though, and we prefer leaving the whole set together.

    The front wheels are too small for offroad usage. It's more a city stroller than a cross-country one.

    The Cot we put on the Buzz works great as a bed for the first weeks, and as a nappy changing table in restaurants. Great buy!

    We also bought some hooks for the handle for those shopping bags! And if you have a LeSportsac Delux Everyday bag, it is exactly as wide as a Buzz and fits right over the handle!

    [well never mind, then. If I spoke Dutch, I'd go to that message board and tell those Quinny drivers to chill out. -ed.]

    Hi, just had to put my two cents worth in here even though I am a mom, do not own the Buzz or Bugaboo and have tiny feet :-) I live in the Netherlands and own both the Quinny Speedy SX and the Quinny Zapp. I love them both and would not trade my Quinnys in for a Bugaboo at all. And the link, many people there prefer the Buzz over the Bugaboo.

    Translation of the below for example. "The Buzz is more functional, quicker and most of all safer to use. With all terrains it remains reliable (forest, beach, cty etc.) Also the baby cot (dreami) is higher than with the bugaboo, better for the back and also unaccessable for nosy and possibly dangerous four legged animals."

    ("De Buzz is functioneler, sneller en met name veiliger in gebruik. Op alle terreinen (bos,
    strand, stad, etc.) blijft hij betrouwbaar. Ook staat de kinderwagen (Dreami) hoger op de wielen dan de Bugaboo. Beter voor de rug en hierdoor onbereikbaar voor niewsgierige en bijtgrage viervoeters.")

    I've also heard rumors (ok, things from that the 2006 Buzz has improved wheel material/design (to address squeaking/swiveling problems), have a basket available(and you can buy the basket to retrofit the 2005 Buzz), easier brakes, less tolerance in the height adjustable pushbar, and redesigned push buttons for folding. Sounds like Quinny is listening. Not to mention ROCKING new colors.....
    waiting for my lime green Zapp skins to arrive as we speak....

    I have owned both the Bugaboo Frog and Quinny Buzz. The Bugaboo didn't last long as the break-down process was a pain in the rear, I found it tippy towards the sides as well with my one year old in it. Currently we use the Quinny which I love. Despite the smaller front wheels I have had no problems pushing it over uneven terrain, including the pumpkin patch recently. My wheels are neither squeaky or creaky and we've found it to be a very smooth push.

    Yes, the lack of basket on the Buzz is irritating. I use a Fluerville Sling Tote as a diaper bag so it can be attached to the stroller and then have the Bugaboo bag clips on there to hold extra bags. This makes a good combo for us, I can hold several bags off of the bag clips.

    I did look at getting the Cameleon, but I decided to get the Buzz instead and I don't regret it at all! We love our Quinny Zapp as well. Both were money well spent.

    Okay, I am officially bugaboo biased, but I have owned both the buzz and the bug...
    Hmmm let's see if I can keep this short (and well, with me being the pramaholic I am it'll be a miracle). I'd say everything on the main review of the buzz here is correct. I just couldn't get along with it and it lasted a week, actually less! I couldn't have been more disappointed. And perhaps I should have given it more of a chance, but when a buggy fails on all the counts where you thought it would be fantastic and cool then it's time for it to go :D
    there's simply no coming back from that kind of let-down.

    The Bugaboo on the other hand IS fantastic, every fab thing said about it is true, and while there are a few drawbacks (the folding for example) they truely don't affect how functional or brill it is!

    AND, get this, I got it in July and didn't buy ANY more buggys 'til the end of October! That's how good it is, before that at my worst I'd bought 11 prams in 9 months (whoops) LOL and that October purchase was only a minor blip I quickly sold on ebay...

    You see! The Bugaboo actually cures stroller addiction! *snigger* maybe I should be promoting Bugaboo too...

    [Okay, I am officially scared... -ed.]

    LOL That's too funny, you know exactly what I'm like (I may have posted as Becsy before), don't know why you're acting surpised...

    [not surprised, just scared. I'm ok now, thanks. -ed.]

    We are reading comparative opinions and wonder whether spending an additional $600 for a bugaboo over a Quinny zap is worth it?

    Did any body tried the Quinny Zapp and the Bugaboo?
    Thank you


    well oh well.. it all depend on your life style, if u r a shopping momma bug is the choice,if u r a traveling momma zapp is the choice (traveling as in n out the plane) n if u r hippe momma obviously buzz is the one 4 u!!!!! so y not get all three to fits yr lifestyle lol....

    I have the Quinny Zapp and am in the U.S. I am not sure where all of you are located and I have a question. Where do you order new skins? I have done an internet search to no avail. Also do Bugaboo accessories fit the Quinny Zapp. Does the Quinny Buzz basket and buzz box fit the zapp? I purchased a Milan Cupholder by Carry You. Recommended by another Quinny zapp owner. I have not received it yet but it is customized for the Quinny. I will be in NYC on 12/23 and need a footmuff. THe one I was expecting from Europe won't arrive in time. Can anyone recommend something? I only like the Urban Bundle Me's but don't want it because of complaints of them slipping down. I have the navy fleece bundle and don't care for it much. Any ideas? Seriously need one quick for we will be walking around COLD manhattan. Thank you.

    Has anyone any experience of the FirstWheels City Elite, a Bugaboo lookalike? Any comments appreciated. Thanks

    Hi i live in england and i have just brought the quinny buzz off ebay. Will be picking it up on the 9th November and i can't wait!!!!!!

    I have waited along time to get one of these amazing pushchairs. I know its secondhand but i don't care i already have the Quinny Speedi SX and thats lovely but i already know that the Buzz is going to be better.

    I am total 100% a Quinny fan, bugaboo's look ridiculous!

    My husband has size 14 feet so we will see how he gets on with the brakes plus he is 6ft 6 inches so good thing i can adjust the handle.


    It seems that Bugaboo has "fans" and "friends" monitoring product review sites/blogs then posting "great praises" for the product, and dismissing the Buzz as a lack luster stroller. Please test both strollers for yourself, after all the purchase price is $500 to $800 dollars depending on which you go with. I am a bugaboo fan but I will tell you the Buzz is a great product(folding mechanism is wonderful). Had I discovered the Buzz before I purchased the Frog, I feel the Buzz would of won my business. And Buzz does not included the bassinet which is a great money saver... I never used the one that came with the frog.

    Can somebody help me to decide whether to go with quinny speedi or philandteds sporty buggy?

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