November 7, 2005

Chinati Foundation Gear For Your Artworld Kid

chinati_found_logo.gifRan into some art world friends whose 2-year-old son I hadn't seen for a while--they grow so fast!--and the kid was wearing an awesome sweatshirt. It was a classic grey hoodie with "Chinati" spelled across the front in red block letters. Chinati, of course, is the Chinati Foundation, the minimalist art mecca created by the late artist Donald Judd in Marfa (aka B.F.) Texas.

I've got a 10-year old Chinati t-shirt somewhere with the foundation logo [above], which would look sweet on a Onesie--if only they made one.

I don't see the hoodie online, either, but there are sweatshirts for $25. I'm guessing the small would fit a 2-year-old just fine.

Chinati Foundation store

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I really enjoy daddytypes. As a daddy who types (, it is all so familiar! This kids sweatshirt is so cool that we broke our rule of "no promotional material" on our kids!

[so where are the t-shirts? Sign me and the kid up now! -ed.]

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