November 5, 2005

Frag-Free [!!] Wipespotting

DT reader Andy has extended the search for old-school Costco diaper wipes to England:

When we were in the UK last year we found Costco-wipes-equivalents in Boots (after a LOT of searching: why do all other wipes suck)?

Looking on their site I see these, which have the same great plastic snap top as the old Costco wipes, but I'm not sure if these are the ones we bought or not. They are listed as "out of stock" so maybe they are the same.

Can we start a petition to get the old wipes back or something?

What, does going to the UK every six weeks for diaper wipes seem a tad excessive? Here's what the Costco customer service rep told me about why I didn't like the new wipes. They are:
> made with the natural softness of real cotton (thicker)
> embossed for better cleaning
Natural, soft, and better-cleaning. Just what I hate in a wipe.

Boots Frag Free Baby Soft Cloth Wipes, 5.50 for 240


The Costoco we hit here in Montreal still has the olde school ones...

Have you tried the Pampers Sensitive Skin version? We were huge Costco wipes fans until our daughter's skin started turning bright red from them. This was a while ago, and they must have made some small chemical change - she has odd allergies. Anyway, the Pampers Sensitive Skin version is a workable alternative for us. Babies R Us is usually the only place that has them in a case so they are still a bit tricky to find.

We live in Hong Kong, there is a small shop here that seems to have a buyer that goes to costco once a month, fills up a container or two of wipies, diapers, almonds, soap, detergent etc... and sends them over here...
Of course the box of PAMPERS CRUISERS Was about 70.00 and the box of KIRKLAND WIPIES is about $40.00 but we get them.
Now that Costco has changed the DIAPERS to really crappy ones pun NOT INTENDED. we are actually buying two boxes here and taking one with us to the states for the xmas visit...
so if you want wipies (the old nice kind) OR diapers (they only have size 3 and 5 left) you can buy them at Gateway in Sheung Want (MTR exit A2 1/2 block to the right)

[sweet, I'll be right there... -ed.]

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