November 2, 2005

Ausgezeichnet! "Where Babies Come From"

If you're reading this site at work, maybe you should save this link until you get home. Unless you work in a German pre-school, where this book seems to have originated.

Where babies come from? In German.
[planetdan via tmn]

update: thanks to K, we now know that this is a German edition of Per Holm Knudsen's 1971 Danish sex-ed-for-toddlers classic, The true story of how babies are made. It was reissued in the UK in the 90's, but I'm not finding it.


ah my the return of my childhood.
as i have just commented on the other site this is actually a danish book from 1971 called: SĀdan fĀr man et barn. the writer is per holm knudsen. oh and the text is quite something as well.
growing up in the 70'es in denmark you did have books like these in the kindergarden - we were not even that interested - and i dont remember ever having NOT known where babies come from...
the book was reprinted in the late 90'es and a friend of mine gave me a copy - not sure when ill introduce it to the daugther though, maybe ill just leave it amongst the other books and see what happens...

It was released in 1973 by Childrens Press under the title _The true story of how babies are made_ and in February 1975 by Piccolo under the title _How a Baby Is Made_.

None of this helps you directly since they're both out of print ;) but it's all I could find. The German version is available on eBay.

Amusing to read a discussion of my book :). It was published in I think 13 countries.


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