November 2, 2005

Amazon, Huggies, Want To Stuff You--With Savings!!

huggies_giggletastic.jpgDoes this seem a little too soon to you? If you're still working your way through the mega-shipment of Seventh Generation stuff you bought from Amazon, you may want to sit this one out:

If you buy $79 worth of Huggies stuff from Amazon, you'll get a $30 Amazon gift certificate. Pretty sweet deal. Yes, you have to buy everything in one purchase, by Nov. 30; the certificate is valid only in Jan. 2006, etc. [Read the offer details here.] But it still sounds pretty good.

Of course, you're filling your front hall with Disney characters and products sporting "Giggletastic waistbands," so you still pay a price, just not in cash money.

On the other hand, if you're part of the fast-growing Febreze For Bros movement, your Pampers boycott just got a lot cheaper.

Buy $79 Worth of Huggies, Get $30 Worth of Amazon [amazon via dt reader/smart shopper nolan]


I know you've been a fan of 7th Gen here, and I can't attest to its greatness. But there is no doubt in my mind that Huggies suck compared with Pampers (Swaddlers). And Pampers wipes are 10x better as well. Discounted Huggies don't pay for your ruined sofa or even the clothes you have to wash when they leak all over.

I used to think the same thing about Huggies (i.e., they suck), but I tried them 6 months later in the boy's life when Costco pulled a fast one and they seem much better.

My new theory, still in infancy, is that my kid's ass changed shape as he grew and the huggies now fit better. No doubt about the swaddlers, though. Those rocked. (the boy is 17 months now).

Huggies seem to fit our babies better, but my issue is that I'm still looking for that $50 rebate check from the last Kimberly-Clark promo on Amazon. No more diapers from Amazon until it appears! Fool me once, etc.

Huggies? Eh. The Overnites are awesome, the rest not so much. The wipes are okay.

I really like the 7th generation nappies. I also love the Nature Boy & Girl naps, which are 70% biodegradable. However I was out the other day and caught with no diaper so I had to buy some Pampers swaddlers and those things leak all over the place on my boy. What a mess

Amazon seems to have forgotten about this. No promotional certificate back yet, and they have no record of it their systems. Anyone else having problems?

[no record of your order? Or no record of the promotion? I'd hound them a bit. Following the promo link, it says the coupon is to be mailed between 1/11-25, and is good through 2/26. It's still on their site, so hold their feet to the fire. -ed.]

I had my daughter on dec 2nd, at the hospital they gave us pampers swadlers, they worked fine. My aunt sent me a box of luvs they worked great as well. I bought a pack of huggies and forget it, i changed so much baby clothing it was the worse. Then I called them up they sent me a few coupons for free huggies, still they leaked... I tryed the Rite Aid brand not bad, i tryed CVS and they were just as great as the swadlers.. I tryed little tykes, they sucked! Oh and Cottonelle they leaked as well.. I tryed huggies again, leaked so i called and bitched again, more coupons.. And they leaked... I tryed both kinds of huggies as well. I will use CVS or luvs!

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