October 31, 2005

Is Your Name Michael Diamond? Why, Yes, Yes It Is.

From downtown Manhattan, Tribeca.
My style is wild, and you know that it still is.
Stroller schlepping, and youíre doing the bump
Shake your rump
From today's Gawker Stalker:

I spotted Mike D of the Beastie Boys today (10/28) at 1:10pm on the corner of Worth and Church Streets. He was in all black and he was pushing a black stroller. I caught his eye and then he quickly crossed the street towards the West Side!
And suddenly hundreds of thousands of new grandparents sit back and say, "Now you'll find out how it really is, Mister Fight For Your Right To Party."

[Judging by the "new baby" comment in this Sept. 2004 article from Remix Magazine, we're about a year and change late with the "Congratulations, Mike D!" schtick.]

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Funny that you should post this as it is another Beasite's Birthday, Kid AdRock's.

"October 31st is my day of birth,
I went to the party and did the Smurf"

[and Mike D. turns 40 (!!) next month. Nov. 20. -ed.]

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