October 31, 2005

Anti-Child Types: The Magazine Article For Non-Dads

It's been a while since Amy Sohn's flamethrowing column in NY Magazine singed anything around here. This week she has a short, sweet article about how hard dating is for people who know they don't want kids. One anti-kid woman thinks the world would be better off if more of the men she dates woke up and smelled the kid-realist coffee:

A lot of men have this idealized notion of their own childhood and family lives, even if their families are really messed up. Its like, Yeah, my dad was a werewolf and my mom was a python and we spent Saturdays performing musicals based on the writings of Pol Pot, but Id like the chance to coach my kids Little League team. Or they think they have these amazing genes that they should pass on. I dated a guy who claimed to be distantly related to Daniel Boone, and he thought it was incumbent upon him to spread those genes.
Yeah, I used to use an "Ethan Allen" line in college; didn't work for me, either.

Before We Go Any Further [nymag]

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"Yeah, I used to use an "Ethan Allen" line in college; didn't work for me, either."

with my last name being what it is, it was impossible for me to ever do that sort of thing so i was reduced to telling stories that snowdeal is is actually inuit for "one who deals snow". curiously, it never worked either.

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