October 30, 2005

Congratulations, Heath Ledger! [PS: Did You Get The Bag Clips?]

ledger_williams_brokeback_mountain.jpgSeems that Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams had their baby Friday evening in NYC, so congratulations all around.

They named the kid Matilda Rose Ledger, which has Australian fans all excited because apparently "Waltzing Matilda" is "the unofficial song of Australia." Which is odd, I thought, because Bon Jovi did a cover of a Tom Waits song called "Waltzing Matilda." Same but different song.

Turns out the Australian version is about a lonely bum looking for some forbidden love on the open range. Which would be odd enough, if that weren't also the plot of Brokeback Mountain, the movie where Williams & Ledger met. The only difference: one involves sheep, the other involves sheep and Jake Gyllenhall.

As for the Bugaboo bag clips, which "Heath & Michelle" registered for last summer at Buy Buy Baby, I only ask rhetorically if they got them. Since I happen to know the name and address in Brooklyn where they were shipped--and it was NOT the Williams Ledgers. Yes, the Cohens kept them. No, they did not send a thank you note.

Heath Ledger & Michelle Williams' baby has arrived [the aptly named fansite, heathbaby via celebrity-babies]
Previously: Report From 'Heath Ledger''s Buy Buy Baby Registry [dt]
So you want to read Brokeback Mountain [greg.org]
too much Waltzing Matilda info for non-Aussies [anu.edu.au]


Take it from another Dad with a daughter named Matilda ....
Tom Traubert's Blues - Tom Waits
and don't forget the classic
Matilda - Harry Belafonte ... she took my money and gone Venezuela!

As the father of a Mathilde I feel obligated to mention Mathilde by Jacques Brel...although I really hate the song. There is a steel drum version of Waltzing Mathilde out there that has to be heard...

As an Australian I can confirm that Waltzing Matilda is a sort of anthem here - frankly most people know the words of that song, compared to the "real" anthem. Oh, and it was originally written in 1895 by Banjo Patterson, so Tom Waits sort of borrowed some of the poem/song. And "Waltzing Matilda" basically means wandering around the bush with your "swag" which is a bed roll with all your gear in it. The swagman is basically singing about choosing a sheep to steal almost certainly for food rather than having his wicked way with it.... although it can get mighty lonely out there.... Still, if you're interested about the song then you can always check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waltzing_Matilda.

(Father of one son and two daughters - none of whom are called Matilda)

They had a girl...

[yeah, somehow I forgot to mention that, sorry. Thought the "Matilda Rose" would give it away, but that might just perpetuate gender stereotypes. -ed.]

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