October 27, 2005

Xplory Has A Posse (In Japan)

While I've only seen a handful of Xplorys in the wild here in the US, they're apparently keeping babies out of range of car exhaust and wheeling up to cafe tables all over Japan.

In the sidebar on the blog Shotaro with Xplory, Shotaro has gathered pictures of at least 28 other [your baby name here] with Xplorys, his Xplory Nakama* or "posse." It's good to be the king.

* This is distinct from the infamous Xplory Zoku, the gangs of infantile delinquents--or chinpira-- who hang out near the train station and terrorize passersby with their scary-loud noises. You know bosozoku? Same thing, but with strollers.


i like that living room setup.. with the shelves and entertainment secured behind a fence, nice arrangement there.

The Japanese are generally a cautious lot with newborns, and if you've ever lived in a Japanese house, you'd know why; there are a MILLION places a kid can get into shit in one of those... for starters, a lot of people have those floor tables that are a foot and a half high in a least a couple rooms still... no putting stuff out of sight there.

By the way Greg, I don't think a lot of people got Xplory-Zoku, but I appreciate the comedy goldenness of it... I get a mental image of kids crying in bursts the way the bosozoku (who by the way, are probably ALL former students of mine from me first few years in Japan doing the teaching thing) rev their engines...

[yeah, that's an "audience of two"-type joke, you're welcome, cam. -ed.]

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