October 26, 2005

Pez MP3 Player Looks Sweet As Candy

pezhead.jpgPhillip at Make has taken delivery of one of the first Pez MP3 players, dreamed up and brought into reality by a SAHD named Pat Misterovich. There's not a full performance review yet, but Phillip has posted tons of photos, including side by side comparisons with iPods, details of the head (which flips back to reveal the on/off switch), the controls, etc.

The Pez MP3 player is available with just one head--some schmo named PezBoy--but all it'd take is "a little Dremel action" to adapt the current universe of Pezheads to fit it. Check it out.

The Pez MP3 Player is here [makezine]
The Pez MP3 player first edition is available for $99 [pezmp3.com]
Previous Pez MP3 news on DT

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