October 26, 2005

Japanese Stroller Mashup: Xplory Footmuff In A Maclaren


Having a Stokke Xplory in your house must just get the innovative juices flowing, because, as two Japanese moms discovered (independently and simultaneously as far as I'm concerned; I don't want to get dragged into the middle of any future patent or royalty disputes), an Xplory footmuff fits perfectly--safety straps and all--into a Maclaren stroller.


Sac's mom posted pictures of their footmuff in a Volo [above] on her blog, and just a couple of days later, Shotaro with Xplory's dad reported another success: another mom, Chidori, found the footmuff fit on a Triumph, which folded just fine.

After announcing news of this amazing discovery, Shotaro's papa, the reigning emperor of Xplory in Japan, declared that Stokke and Maclaren should team up to sell these strollers as a set. A couple of days later, he said he'd settle for Stokke making the footmuff available for sale separately. Apparently, Emperor of the Xplory People is a largely ceremonial title.

Xplory no Footmuff wo Volo ni [sac no sukusuku-cho]
Maclaren with Xplory's footmuff and Triumph pics [shotaro with xplory blog]

Recognizing the Emperor's wisdom, babystyle is already selling the footmuff separately. $100. To keep doing the Emperor's bidding throw in a Volo for $99 and an Xplory for $749. We are definitely amused.


Is it just me--or does it look like the American footmuff doesn't have the top bit?

I wanted one of these, but my wife doesn't see the point.. we have a triumph, and i might just have to pick one up now!

I put my Frog foot muff in our Mac Volo... worked just fine. If only they made adult sized Frog foot muffs as sleeping bags...

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