October 26, 2005

Hand-Knit DNA Model

knit_dna.jpgYou want evolution to make your kid's brain smarter? Forget the pack of British Velcro blocks; get someone to knit him a DNA molecule to play with. Kimberly Chapman has the complete how-to [complete except for, "how do I buy one and have it delivered to my house because, frankly, I don't knit, and if I tried, the resulting DNA would shame a mutant?"]:

Ever since showing it off, all of my geeky friends online want one. My OB/GYN and his nurse want one. Everyone seems to want one. I am making one more for my sister-in-law's child, but that's it, so don't email me and ask me to make you one, even for pay. I get too easily bored by making the same thing over and over again. Make it yourself, it's easy!
Maybe, but not as easy as paypal...

Baby's First DNA Model [via make]

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