October 25, 2005

CreAtiles Spur Evolution Through Hours Of Intelligent Design

creatiles.jpegCreAtiles are big, soft, yet rigid panels and pieces that fasten together in a variety of ways to make a house, a boat, whatever. More importantly, and despite what their name might imply, they make your kid a WINNER in the evolutionary sweepstakes.

They were developed by Fiesta Crafts, and they just won some giant Toy Of The Year prize from some British toystore I've never heard of. [You tell me Hamleys is the F.A.O. Schwarz of London, fine, except that Schwarz is now an empty, post-bankruptcy shell coasting on its former brand glory, and who'd want to be that?]

Anyway, as Prof. Raj Prof Persaud, one of the jurors who awarded CreAtiles the Hamleys prize said, "'Play has a serious evolutionary purpose.'...research on animals showed that the more time they spent playing when young, 'the bigger their brains'." He then added, "Now where's my giant prop check?"

Batteries not needed for the toy of the year
[telegraph.co.uk, via robotwisdom]
Fiesta Crafts [fiestacrafts.co.uk]

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