October 25, 2005

Buy A Gorillaluce And Save The Gorillas A Little Bit

gorillaluce.jpgIt's true that no other gorilla lamp company donates 5% of their sales to wild gorilla conservation organizations, so I don't want to sound like a whiner. But if gorilla-saving is really your priority and not just a feel-good sales/publicity tactic, and if you're making fat retail margins yourself, couldn't you do more than $5-7/gorilla lamp? I'm just saying.

The Gorillaluce is available in two sizes (400mm and 500mm) and a range of colors and international wiring configurations. For my money, it looks best the way it's been displayed at various design and furniture expos around the world: in a stark wooden cage. [not included] Some of those gorilla collars look like they might fit other primates as well, but I'll leave that to your discretion.

Buy a Gorillaluce for $115 or $145 [savethegorillas.com via no-garlic-please]
Then create a creationism/evolution companion piece by sticking one of those glowing doll lamps in a BabyCage

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