October 24, 2005

Vida Venit, Vicit! Congratulations, Dave Eggers

And wife Vendela Vida on the birth of their daughter October Adelaide* Eggers Vida.

  • Anyone else out there transpose and give the kid his wife's last name?
  • Anyone else out there name the kid after the month in which she was born? [besides you, Casey Affleck; we already know about Indiana August.]
  • Anyone else expect lots of unsettlingly loopy writing from ecstatic fans to follow the birth of the child? [got you covered on this one, too, Casey.] [via lindsayism]

    [* update: kudos to Lindsay for the scoop, but someone just emailed that there's an Adelaide in the middle of that name. Daddy Types offers its apologies and best wishes to the Eggers Vidas.]


    My friend MacLeod got his first name from his mother's maiden name.

    My daughter's middle name is my wife's last name... we figured it would be a nice way to use both of our last names, and possibly handy if she's traveling with only one of us. (Since we got married in Japan, my wife couldn't take my name as I'm not a Japanese citizen.)

    Also, after choosing a name that works in English and Japanese, AND choosing two kanji characters for her first name, we were pretty much spent on the name front... :)

    My daughter's full name is FirstName MiddleName MyWife'sLastName MyLastName.

    It makes scolding her even that much more impressive when we get to use 4 names to do it...

    [hey, that's what we did. Plus, I figured when it comes to pre-school applications, the more names the better. -ed.]

    My cousin's wife did not change her name when they married, and they didn't want to give the kid a long name, so the baby is MomsLast MiddleName DadsLast. It works out really well, if you're only having one kid!

    I didn't change my name when we got married, and when we got pregnant, we had the discussion about whose name our baby should have. Neither of us truly cared enough to argue heartily, and ultimately my husband decided that since our baby would be a half Chinese baby living in the States, that he should take my name, to give him a stronger connection to his heritage. But he probably should've checked with his parents before 2 days after I gave birth. So now our baby has FirstName MiddleName Father'sName Mother's Name. (It barely fit on his social security card). My father has since proposed that our baby's Chinese name be Mother'sName Father'sName, which would make three characters like a traditional Chinese name, but boy does that sound stupid when your husband is a white boy from Tennessee.

    I kept my last name, too, and using my last name as a middle name is something I've been wanting to do. If baby #3 is a boy, it will be - and I'd even consider it for a girl.

    and it's super common in the South, where family names are revered. take my college buddy Leonora Gamble Timberlake Parks III. for instance.

    I met a boy the other day who told me his name was August, pronounced like the month, not "au-GUST".

    [he probably just got tired of explaining it: "it's ah-SWEE-pay." -ed.]

    First name, middle name, wife's last name (the boy's second middle name), my last name.

    One can never have too many names, just in case the boy needs an alias some day.

    kid #1: Firstname Middlename Dadslastname Momslastname
    kid #2: Firstname Middlename Momslastname Dadslastname

    because we like to give others something to be judgmental about.

    My grandmother's name is June. Born on June 1st. Her parents were still fighting between Mildred and Bernice when it was time to check out of the hospital, so the doctor just put June on the birth certificate and voila! No middle name, either. Which is a small sacrifice to make in thanks for not being called Mildred or Bernice (no offence to all the Mildred's and Bernice's out there...)!

    I know this is an oldish post, but I couldn't resist joining in. My son has MY last name (I'm his mother. He has his mother's last name). It doesn't seem that big a deal to us, but people around us seem mighty confused by it.

    Firstname Middlename Momslastname
    If she'd been a boy, she'd have had Dad's last name.

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