October 24, 2005

Marx Imagination Doll House, You Complete Me.

marx_dollhouse_bedroom.jpgYou remember how I found that one random ebay link to a Marx Imagination doll house from the 1960's that was still sealed in its original box? Well, that bad boy went for $380. Yay, Marxism!

If that seems a bit steep to you, just look at this flickr photoset of the shagadelic masterpiece, in all its furnished, assembled, plastic glory. Wars have been fought over lesser amounts of petroleum than this.

Ultimately, I'm glad we don't have one, though; the thought of my daughter playing with Ivanna Humpalot and Felicity Shagwell dolls totally freaks me out.

Marx Imagination doll house, 1960's
[superjunk's flickr photostream, via dt reader sarah]

1 Comment

Do you know the current value of a Marx Imagination Dollhouse? It is in original box, complete with intructions and parts list. Thank you for any info you can provide.

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