October 24, 2005

Daddy Type T-shirt-spotting, Or Putting the Papa in Paparazzi

Celebrity (new) dad Peldi of Patata Monkey shows he knows how to represent. And how to get a totally gratuitous link from me. With this totally unstaged street photograph of him pushing a Bugaboo and wearing an official 'daddy type' t-shirt and his kid in a sling, in that order.

Daddy Type in SF
[guidojack.com, did I mention that's about the coolest name ever?]
Get your own Daddy Type t-shirt, $20 all-in [baby, frog and sling not included]


What blatant pandering. I love it!

Peldi - you, your Bugaboo, and DT t-shirt should cruise 24th Street with me, my Buzz, and my DT t-shirt. We'll own the place.

Alas, if only I could afford the t-shirt. I just blew it all on two new carseats and the eponymous Baby Einstein collection from E-Bay

PLEASE tell me the name of that sling! I Love it!

Thank you!

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