October 21, 2005

Yoda Baby Hat? Stop Typing & Start Crocheting


I want to see Yoda hats on every tiny head within spitting distance of this website. Got it? Good. Now get going.

Halloween costumes: Star Wars
[crafster via bloggingbaby]


that's actually quite cute. maybe I actually will do this to .. er.. I mean, FOR our daughter.

she does laugh when I push the cat's ears down to make them look like Yoda ears and talk like Yoda.

Then again, she also laughs when the cat is just sitting there doing nothing. Maybe I should have her checked out...?

Oh my gosh, I'm at work, it's been a long week, and I really needed a giggle. SO cute!! In that goofy, adorable, can't wait to embarass the kid with these pictures in front of his friends in about 15 years kind of way!

I have two words:
Freaking FANTASTIC I am ins
I've got the crochet hook out; somebody stop me.

I was going to buy the crappy yoda costume until I saw this masterful work of art! I'm going to make one myself along with the baby light saber I'm already crochetting for my sons costume.
Uber cuteness!

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