October 20, 2005

Seal A Father's Job Is Doing

heidi_henry.jpgThe first pictures of Seal and Heidi Klum's kid Henry were published in a German-language edition of InTouch magazine. [Coincidentally, our kid looked like a little old man when she was born, too. If we'd stuck to our "let's meet her first, then name her" strategy, we would've named her Henry.] Here are a couple of excerpts from Klum's interview, just as Google translated them:

"Seal has also this time - exactly the same as at that time with Leni - the navel cord splits", said Klum. The birth was easier than with its first child 16 months ago ago. In their house with Los Angeles Heidi Klum and married man divide Seal the support of the baby, about whom in addition, a Mexican child girl worries. "Henry wakes up at night sometimes every two hours. Then we alternate. If Seal to is, it gets from the refrigerator a Fl”schchen", to reported Heidi. It however satisfies the small one.


Son Henry still sleeps according to Klum in the parents bedroom. "we want to be able to throw always an eye on him", said them. Leni has against it already its own room.

Kl¸mchen gucken! Erstes Foto von Heidis Henry [express.de, via cbb]


I swear, machine translation is the best.

Gosh, I can't wait to see this story run in DerBlick!

Ya, ya.

Ummm, typing Daddy, do you need some translation help? I'd volunteer if you like.

[if you don't like the charm of Google's translation, CBB points to the UK version in Human English. Turns out Seal didn't get Heidi any of that "thanks for having my baby" jewelry, though. Also, more pics; the kid is very cute. And has piano player fingers. -ed.]

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