October 19, 2005

Swedish Baby Given Google-Proof Name: Google

Actually, Google is his middle name. He's Lebanese/Swedish, and his dad--a PhD candidate in search engine marketing research--started a blog for him. On Blogspot, of course.

GoogleKai.blogspot.com [via bloggingbaby]
Previously: Google Onesie [sic], Google-proof your baby


Google Kai's dad needs to buy himself a pair of tweezers or some wax... The unibrow in all his pics on his blog jumped at me from off the screen.

P.S. I live in Moscow. Saw my first Bugaboo Frog in a Moscow store for oligarch parents today. Price? 120,000 rubles, or around $4,200

The sales lady gave me a huge rant on how "in the West" this is the stroller of the stars...

Luckily, I brought mine over from a vacation in Paris this April and it cost me about 700 Euros there.

[holy smokes, is there an ebay.ru? I am all over that. -ed.]

How cruel. Why didn't they just go ahead and name the kid "Bruise"?

what school has a PhD in "search engine marketing research"?

[I think it's an online university. I got 10,000 emails from them yesterday. Here, let me pass your address along... -ed.]

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