October 19, 2005

Rhymes With Nooners: The Babymooners

do_not_disturb.jpgSo W Hotels in NYC are offering a BabyMe package for couples who are ready to pop, and just want to get away for a few days of R&R before the baby comes. The special includes: a "fashionable SkipHop Duo diaper bag" [wait, are there "unfashionable" ones? I guess I missed that press release.], a pile of "Hot Mamma"/Goddess-y paraphernalia [just shop those third trimester body issues away!], and something called "Womb Service," [but isn't that what got you into this situation in the first place?]

We didn't get any SkipHops, but we did move into the Ritz Carlton for a while right as the kid's due date approached, just to chill, spa, not have to clean, etc. It cost a bomb, but it was totally worth it.

And there's a name for it--babymooning--which officially moves it over from the "some marketing guy's idea" column to the "full-blown industry trend" side. Hotel Chatter has helpfully calculated that if you skip the protection during "this month's nooner," you can still be in the third trimester before the promotion expires in July. But on the east coast, it's already 1:24...

W Hotels Baby Me Package [w hotels]
Hotel Babymooning Is For Real [hotelchatter]
This guy collects "do not disturb" signs from all over [like the one abov, via dndcollector]

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I thought that a 'babymoon' referred to a period of time after the baby's birth in which the new parents and baby choose to secret themselves away at home where they could 'get to know each other' without the supposed intrusion and unwanted advice of in-laws or other helpers.

Not so Ritz Carlton-y and definitely no room service (or womb service for that matter). Really, not so much the vibes of being honeymoon-y but definitely called a babymoon by some.

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