October 18, 2005

Flobberdewotsky: It's Dutch For "Trippy Kid's Clothing"

flobberdewotsky.jpgWhat is it with Holland, the dark winters? The North Sea? Backlash to that stern Protestant sobriety? Because they sure love their dressing their kids up as expensive ragamuffins with more-is-more, pattern-on-pattern, the-brighter-the-better clothing. [there goes my hyphen quota for the week.]

Anyway, Oilily has taken the riotously matchy Dutch ragamuffin look to the world; there are dozens of stores, a glossy catalog, a fanatically loyal following. [And it's pronounced Oy-LILL-ee. I called some of those stores just to see how they answer the phone.]

The problem with Oilily, of course: it's too common, at least in certain circles. There's always the risk that someone else at the embassy barbecue* will be sporting what you thought was your kid's signature look.

Although it's not any easier to pronounce, there is a solution: Flobberdewotsky. Flobberdewotsky is a Dutch design studio that uses vintage, retro, and recycled fabrics to create unique [as in, "the only one like it in the world"] pieces of kid's clothing. It's like Oilily on 'roids, but with artistic cachet and a social conscience.

For the enlightened and the bold, Flobberdewotsky's clothes are "not meant to be for either boys or girls. We cannot help it if present-day society won't let boys wear skirts." When buying something, pay careful attention to their sizing chart; it'll save you the embarassment of asking, "Do you have this in a different size?" Because they don't. It's that unique.

If you want to take baby steps, you can get a t-shirt or a bib, or you can be loud and proud with a padded vintage fabric baby sling. Alls I know is, your kid won't ever see herself coming at her on the street.

Flobberdewotsky vintage, retro, kitsch kid's clothing - the coat above is/was EUR110 [flobberdewotsky.nl, via dt reader Jan]
Oilily - compare and contrast [oilily-world.com]

* For our first little Oilily purchase before the kid was born, we waited forever as a gaggle of diplomat wives from some impoverished African countries kept piling a mountain of pink clothes on the counter faster than the clerk could ring them up. The women paid with fat rolls of hundreds. Your IMF dollars at work.


OK some of these clothes are totally sweet, but others would just make your kid look like something your Grandma's garage barfed up.

[which is an old-fashioned compliment in Holland, by the way. -ed.]

And maybe I am old fashioned, but I could not make myself pay $156 for a pair of CHILDREN"S SHOES! Or $86 for a cardigan. Really. We understand that when they are this small they wear the clothes for apprximately 14 seconds before outgrowing them right? And if someone were the type to spend that kind of money on kids' clothes, they sure as hell aren't going to use them as hand me downs.

Ok - I need to calm down now. Deep cleansing breaths ...

But now that I say that I have to admit I love any website that includes the words "Pimp my Fikkie!"

110 Euro? Maybe when the use life goes up to a year or more, rather than 6-8 weeks.

Any other suggestions for outfitting toddlers in the Netherlands? Me and mine may be spending some time there in the near future.

Buck there are puh-lenty of other cool Dutch clothing companies. There's Kidcase which is very modern looking--great primary color combinations and stream-lined styles. There's Noppies, which is sort of the NL version of Gap--but only in price. They do excellent basics. There's Imp & Elfs which has cheeky t-shirts--mostly for 0-12 months though. Jottum--can be a bit over the top in a Stevie Nicks sort of way, but interesting colors and interesting cuts. But where you really want to go is Belgium--especially Antwerp. Really cool stuff there.

For anyone who's in NYC and enjoyed this post, Oilily is having a huge sample sale. Up to 70% off.

When: 10/20 (10amŮ8pm) and 10/21 (10amŮ7pm).
Where: The Altman Building, 135 W. 18th St., nr. Sixth Ave., 708-488-59

Public Service Announcement

[see? Daily Candy IS good for something after all. Look for me there. I'll be the other guy in the crowd. ;o -ed.]

Thanks, DSM! My wife has now been reminded of Oilily by this post, so she's already planning a trip to a U.S. shop (she can't wait until we're in Europe).

say what you will but i cant wait to see my little one in this dress this fall.

[I have only two words: "Freeze, gopher!" -ed.]

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