October 17, 2005

JetBlue: Go Ahead, Everyone's Doing It

JetBlue is running this ad on the street around NYC, touting the sedative effects of parking your kid in front of his own, personal TV screen for a few hours. Related: Do you use the electronic babysitter? [bloggingbaby.com] Tips...
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Tips For Talking To Your Canadian Baby

CanadianLiving.com has some useful, basic info on how the way you talk to your infant helps him develop his language skills. The article includes tips like waiting for a reply, being descriptive of the kid's surroundings, and watching for early...
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Other Daddies Typing, vol. 4

First, apologies for being slow with the ODT, but I had to wade through my 1-week backlog [198 posts (!!)] from the new blogajillionaires at BloggingBaby.com. Seriously, people, aren't you due for some slacking off, or hasn't that fat AOL...
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URGENT: Do You Have A WhyCry Crying Analyzer?

Email me ASAP. A legend, a giant, a mighty mogul of the talk/information television industry* needs a WhyCry for a show ASAP, and the factory in Spain or wherever has dropped the ball. If you can bear to part with...
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