October 16, 2005

Williamsburg Hearts The Kids, The Real Estate, The Ikea


When they ecided to settle down in 2002, Wellington Fan and Jennifer Dalton were determined to prove their love of Williamsburg was stronger than--pick your poison--insufferable hipsters, encroaching bankers, or toxic sludge. So they bought an 1,100-sf post-war rowhouse on the edge of the 'hood for around $300k, including an all-but-gut renovation, and had a kid (Oliver, now 14 months).

As their profile in last week's NYT Real Estate section attests, they have a knack for a good deal: as "limited edition t-shirts and large sunglasses" migrated to their block, the value of their house has doubled. Meanwhile, the Ikea Antilop high chair is in their living/dining room has gone up in price from $12.99 last year to $18.99 as of yesterday.

Worry Triumphs Over Fear [nyt, via dt reader/gearspotter Marjorie Ingall]
Antilop high chair, $18.99 at Ikea [ikea.com]
Previously: totally decent Ikea high chairs

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I couldn't help but notice that lovely air unit under the window either. no thanks!

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