October 16, 2005

Gozo Jogging Stroller: How Goes It?

gozo_stroller.jpgMy now-largely sedentary life has more benefits--easy access to Google, Aeron chairs, don't need a cordless phone, um, a new-found appreciation of elastic waist pants--than drawbacks. In fact, the only downside I can think of is my general ignorance and apathy about jogging strollers.

And honestly, that only bugs me when someone like DT reader Jason emails for my views on a jogging stroller he'd spotted around town, the Gozo. All I could think of was the obvious: looks like bike seats on a jogging wheelbarrow. Not very helpful, I know.

The Gozo was designed by a jogging mother of twins who clearly had a stroller-related need that went unmet by the market. So she designed the Gozo with an aluminum-frame, all-terrain tires and quick 1-to-2 seat adaptability. There's not a lot of storage or extraneous accessorizing, which can be a good sign; the Gozo seems designed to do one thing, and one thing well: to take the kid(s) jogging.

Does anyone out there know how the Gozo goes? Have you tested or comparison shopped it? I'll be sitting here eating this Big Gulp cup of Lucky Charms while you share your experiences...

Gozo 1x2 Jogging Stroller, $350 [getgozo.com]

[update: now would be a good time to mention that joggingstrollers.com has recently been redesigned. No Gozo, but it's all sweet and what not. Check it out.]


Too bad for Jason that Bugaboo doesn't make jog strollers. If they did, you'd probably have given them their own category by now!

Just having fun...;-)

Why not just buy a BOB?

Also, Joggingstrollers.com has some reviews written by customers, though I don't recall seeing the stroller you mention.

Good god that's one ugly stroller. Talk about an SUV style stroller.

That's funny, I think I saw a tripple version of that this morning after dropping The Boy at Daycare.

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