October 15, 2005

Amish Trendwatch: Polio=Hot, Vaccinations=Not

Four children in a Minnesota Amish community have contracted polio, the first cases in the US in 26 years. How the virus shows up is still not clear, but it's apparently related to the live-but-weakened virus used in oral polio vaccine that someone else--a fifth person--took.

When the last polio outbreaks occurred in 1979--also among the Amish, hmmm trend?--Amish folks were approximately 0% vaccinated against the disease. Things have only gotten better, obviously, but even though vaccinations aren't against Amish doctrine, they're apparently not that high a priority, either. Too busy with all that barnraising, I guess.

Four Polio Cases Confined to Minnesota Amish Community [medpage]

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