October 14, 2005

This Is The Way We Wash Our Brain

Last year, the grandparents brought the kid a giant musical book back from London, a Peter Rabbit/Beatrix Potter collection of classical nursery rhymes. Of course, for some of these, "classical" means, "if you didn't survive The Blitz, you've never heard of it."

The sound quality was tinnier than some singing greeting cards I've received, and the 100th time you hear it, you just wish the damn bough would stay broken already. But the kid loved pushing the big buttons, and the book became part of the family long before she started dancing or singing along ["wash...clothes...MORNING"].

But now, after 9 months, the battery is wearing down, and, um, no one's been rallying too quickly to replace it. Operating on reduced power, the book doesn't play full songs anymore; it just stutters rapidly, repeating the first couple of notes of each song. It's as if the nursery rhymes were being covered by minimalist composer Philip Glass. I guess I've gotta get the kid a moss-colored unitard now.

Peter Rabbit and Friends Classic Nursery Songs Sound Book "from $2.65"?? [amazon.com]
Ah, that's more like it. It's 9.09 at amazon.co.uk


"moss-colored unitard"... nice! I'll be looking for it, or at least a moss-covered romper, on Cafe Press when you get the design done. :)

[just one more South Park outfit you can't get... -ed.]

Ah yes, the grandparents, gotta love 'em.
"here, have a soda and some candy."

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