October 14, 2005

Meanwhile, In Mr. Kate Moss News,

Kate Moss's baby daddy Jefferson Hack is apparently taking care of the kid (Lila Grace just turned three while Mom's been in rehab) and seeking sole custody. A media guy himself (he co-founded Dazed & Confused magazine), when Page Six came a-calling, Hack has nothing but nice to say about Moss: "'Kate has been hung out to dry,' he declared. 'People do not know what a caring and loving mother she is.'"

Not sure if the 'hung out to dry' comment refers to P6 calling Moss a "coke fiend" or to the rehab itself. Tell you what, though, a few more days of this rain, and I might consider trading my kid for some Arizona-style "hang out and dry."

Model Father [nypost, via gawker]

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