October 14, 2005

Bugabusted On The Subway

So we've been mostly in the Cameleon these days (it's the only stroller we have in NYC at the moment), and I love it. More later, when I get some breathing/writing room, but I had a problem I've never even heard before on the subway today.

I was hustling down a couple of flights of stairs with the kid in the rig (no diaper bag, no underbag), holding it against my hip, with one hand on the crossbar and the other on the frame under the canopy. [I've learned--and forgotten and learned again--that you can't/shouldn't pick up a loaded Bugaboo by the canopy.]

Anyway, I guess I was torquing it quite a bit, because the seat popped off the base on one side, and this little metal brace running between the two seat clamps popped off.

I was right at the train, so it was no problem, although it kinda freaked me out for a second. Popping the rod back in was easy, but I wondered if it was supposed to be just held in place like that like a paper towel tube, or if it's supposed to be attached and mine's not.

Anyone else with a Cameleon mind jiggling or twisting the steel rod under their seat a bit? And letting me know? [And yes, I'm sure I could call Bugaboo and ask them, or email some bigwigs there, but 1) that seems high maintenance, and 2) then I wouldn't get credit for complaining about my Bugaboo once in a while. Don't I look extra-objective now?]


I carry our Bugaboo in the same way and it has freaked my wife out enough--she's kind of fiendish about safety--that she called bugaboo and asked them what the max bearing weight of the handle is. Answer: 42 pounds.

Actually, this happened with our Frog once. It was easy enough to pop the metal rod back into place under the seat, so I didn't make anything of it.

Sorry this doesn't relate to your question, but how are you finding the Cameleon compared to the Frog? From memory you've had both.

I've got a Cameleon on order but they're selling the last of the Frogs off here in Australia (NOT at a discount mind you!). I always loved the Frog but now that my son is 8 months and I've finally decided to get a Bugaboo, I think we'll be needing that bigger seat.

Any major handling or ease of operation differences?

The Chameleon is not yet available for sale in Canada - not safe enough yet - sent back to Bugaboo for tweaking. Wonder if this is one of the reasons why?

[hmm. I checked our Frog, and it's the same setup, though. -ed.]

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