October 14, 2005

Where Are The Mr. Hankey Costumes?

Haven't given a lot of thought to the kid's Halloween plans yet, but one thing's for sure: she's not gonna have some "top ten" costume. One list on Blogging Baby--"Darth Vader, Batman, the Fantastic Four, Harry Potter, and Dora...
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This Is The Way We Wash Our Brain

Last year, the grandparents brought the kid a giant musical book back from London, a Peter Rabbit/Beatrix Potter collection of classical nursery rhymes. Of course, for some of these, "classical" means, "if you didn't survive The Blitz, you've never...
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Meanwhile, In Mr. Kate Moss News,

Kate Moss's baby daddy Jefferson Hack is apparently taking care of the kid (Lila Grace just turned three while Mom's been in rehab) and seeking sole custody. A media guy himself (he co-founded Dazed & Confused magazine), when Page Six...
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Bugabusted On The Subway

So we've been mostly in the Cameleon these days (it's the only stroller we have in NYC at the moment), and I love it. More later, when I get some breathing/writing room, but I had a problem I've never even...
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So It's Good Cop/Bad Cop In The Ritchie House?

Guess which one Madonna is. Madonna talks of her mission to be "part of the solution" by imparting her parenting wisdom to some British fashion magazine. Save your shillings, though, because the Daily Telegraph's Neil Tweedie [yes] has graciously mocked...
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Is This An Ikea High Chair?

The current issue of Dwell has a photo of French designer Matali Crasset's studio/home. Front and center is this red plastic and tubular steel high chair. I think I recognize that buckle from our Antilop chair. I still like...
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MoMA's "Safe" For Kids

MoMA's new exhibition, "SAFE: Design Takes On Risk," looks at over 300 products and concepts for addressing stress, protection, preparedness, anda sense of security. I've already posted a couple of things that show up in the show--the Stokke Xplory and...
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