October 13, 2005

The Modern, 11 West 53rd St - NO

The restaurant at MoMA has famously confusing-for-some* individual, unisex bathrooms surrounding a common sink-filled lobby. No counters anywhere at all; and only the large wheelchair-accessible bathrooms would have floorspace enough.

*some who haven't been to Pastis, Europe, or a college dorm, apparently.


Do people really change their kid's on the floor?

If the bathroom doesn't have a changing station, I just change the little bugger at the table. Not on the table but on the chair or bench.

If anybody complains, I just tell them they need to buy a changing station.

I have also gone into women's bathrooms to change her.

I knock first, but usually chicks understand and think it is cute.

[I've never changed the kid on the floor of a bathroom, that's for sure, but frankly, if I were eating dinner at a swanky place like The Modern and I suddenly saw a flash of baby ass on the banquette next to me--or a whiff from a couple of tables over--I'd be...well, I'd be quietly offended, then I'd come home and blog the hell out of it. -ed.]

I was at MOMA right after it opened and after being told that I couldn't bring my freitag "diaper bag" in (even though there were women carrying purses twice as large right into the galleries) I got into a screaming match with a female guard for changing the baby on a bench near the elevator bank---nowhere near any "art." I had tried to use the diaper changing stations in the restrooms, but gave up after I found men reading newspapers while taking dumps in the handicapped stalls. Why do they always put the changing stations in the stalls where the obese grunters prefer to take twenty minutes to empty their colons?

[no kidding. I finally gave up waiting for some guy to finish his morning su-do-ku; I went back out and handed the kid to my mom, who took her for a change on the ladies' room bench. I've seen a couple of quick diaper changes on those under-escalator benches, tho. -ed.]

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