October 12, 2005

What's It Gonna Take To Get You Into This 128Mb MP3 Player?

mickey_mp3_player.jpgHowsabout I Throw In A Mouse?

Kids are small, and the capacity of their MP3 players should be, too. That's the reasoning behind Disney's new Mix Stick series, small USB- and SD/MMC card-enabled MP3/WMA players designed for kids. They're $50 a pop.

Tiny capacity, but even not counting the optional 1Gb SD memory expansion, with Tinkerbell, Mickey, and [yikes] Princesses models available, I'd still run out of capacity for character-laden electronic tchotchkes before the kid runs out of storage space.

What's that you say, you don't have a computer? No problem, says Disney; they will sell you WMA-formatted albums on SD cards with Disney hits for your Mix Stick, which retail for about "the equivalent of a CD." So far, there are four, including "stars" like Clay Aiken covering Disney classic tunes. And all the songs your kid just heard from this week's episode of Desperate Housewives. Just kidding.

Mickey Digital Mix Sticks MP3 Player
Disney Unveils Stylish, Portable Digital Audio (MP3/WMA) Players for Kids [mickeynews.com, thanks to dt reader Cory of tinymixtapes.com, which must be feeling a little heat from Disney's launch]


I like the way it looks (except for the mouse head). I would buy it for my six year old. But he wouldn't listen to the Disney mix tapes. He would probably just laugh in my face.

I think the mouse head is okay (hey, The Mouse signs my paychecks, what can I say?)... but I'm happier with my new iPod Nano...

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