October 11, 2005

Hilarious And Yet Not: Avian Flu Romper

avian_flu_romper.jpgDT reader Chaz sent this in, from the Avian Flu Blog [who knew? not me, obviously. Not-a-freak Guy emailed to say that he's not Avian Flu Blog Guy. But seriously, with a pandemic breathing down our necks, who has time for factchecking??]:

Not a freak -- promise. At least not in that way. Just fairly concerned with the looming spectre of pandemic. This is an attempt, in a slightly humorous (and slightly dark) way, to better get the word out.
In a fit of quaint idealism, Avian Flu Blog Guy Pandemic T-Shirt Guy is not taking a profit on these CafePress rompers. By this time next year, pandemic marketing'll be a multi-billion-dollar business: the first slide in every PowerPoint presentation will read, "If every pandemic victim's family bought just one [insert whatever here], we'll make $150 million."

Pandemic Fever Infant Creeper
[avian flu blog/cafepress]

1 Comment

ok my husband and I have paused and rewound csi about 15 times cause we keep cracking up about this....we can't stop. We keep going back and forth debating whether we should buy this onesie...or any of their other products...."ask me about bird flu" seen that one??

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