October 11, 2005

Baby Bottom Fan: Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This??

baby_bottom_fan.jpgWhat are the odds that a single company has the absolute best solutions for both blowing your kid's butt dry AND delivering the right aromatherapy formulation for "bring[ing] sweet dreams" and "a peaceful transition from little dynamo to sleeping angel?" Right, that's what I thought, too.

But [heh. he said "butt."] nevertheless, a Korean company is confident they have finally cracked [heh. he said "crack."] the code and are able to deliver on these much-sought-after but long-separate promises. Won't you, dear distributor, give them the chance? For without a Baby Bottom Fan, we conscientious parents might keep on hyperventilating from blowing our kids' butts to sleep.

Baby Bottom Fan [N.I.T. Corp via snp via dt reader Jennifer]

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