October 10, 2005

The Daddy Types Baby Tattoo Design Contest

tattoo.jpgA company's selling "If lost, please call " temporary tattoos for kids, but they still require you to write your phone number on there with a marker. Set aside the lost&found strategy questions of tattoing vs. labeling vs. stuffing a note in his shoe for a minute. What I really want to know is, What WOULD you tattoo on a kid?" [Temporarily of course.] Any ideas?

It could be a text, an image, a graphic, an idea, whatever. It could be funny, serious, functional, aesthetic, whatever you think. A heart with "Dad" on it? "Your Logo Here"? "Hello, My Name Is [Sofia]"? "Hello, My Name Is Not [Sofia]"?

If someone comes up with something good, I'll have a thousand of them made [that's the minimum order at most temporary tattoo joints], give a whole bunch of them [along with a daddy type t-shirt] to the winner, and distribute the rest via Daddy Types to whoever wants them.

That means a skank design won't win, because I don't want to be stuck with 800 skanky tattoos I can't even give away. Also, it probably won't be a design/idea that's already out there, because what'd be the point? And yes, I've already thought of "daddy type," and rejected it; even in my most shameless, self-promoting moments, I can recognize how weird that'd be to tattoo on a kid. I'm going to reserve the right to admit the whole thing was a really bad idea from the start, but I'm hoping someone out there will prove me wrong in a most interesting way.

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I can think of a lot of things (most unoriginal).
Just about every baby shirt at T-shirt hell would be funny.
A "For Sale by Owner" sign probably wouldn't be appreciated too much by the populous.

"Proof of Evolution" might not be popular with those who believe in the intelligent design of the spaghetti monster.

"This space for sale" is a little predictable.

For the geeks though, I'm kinda partial to my son being the "Killer App"

"FEAR the cuteness!"

"Clean my heinie today, and I'll clean yours in 50 years."

I designed some baby tees for a friend they are posted here... The "Make your mark" one would be a funny tatoo
I aways thougt a "Center of the Universe" Tatoo that went around my little one's belly button would be cute.

We have these tatoos and Ethan loves the classic anchor.

I think "KNEEL!" in a suitably Gothic font might work, or perhaps a volume dial cranked up to 11.

Not sure if you've seen these yet... They were on DailyCandy Kids recently:


Is it harmful to baby's skin?

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