October 10, 2005

Open House (In More Ways Than One)

jacuzzi_penthouse.jpgRemember that architect's dream home, the West Village penthouse with the subway doors in the kitchen and the glass-and-steel flying staircase? The one where the architect and his wife had twins soon after completing their 7-year-or-whatever renovation?

Well, not only is it for sale (long enough to drop the price from $2.75m, down from $2.9, actually), it was part of the Open House New York weekend, where dozens of sites throw open their doors to the ticket-buying masses. Real estate blog Curbed has some eyewitness reports:

Noticing the baby cribs, it's easy to imagine why they are selling... There's just no babyproofing an in-floor jacuzzi in the middle of the living room (and three steps from the front door).
Of course, that doesn't mean you should skip the realtor's open house next week. Who knows, maybe you just fill the jacuzzi with plastic balls and turn the place into your own private Gymboree?

79 Barrow Street: Nice Place, If You Don't Care About Privacy

79 Barrow St - Property Listing [corcoran]
Previously: Architect builds tripped out dreamhome, then has twins

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