October 8, 2005

November 3rd: The First Million Dad March On Martha

Until today, Martha Stewart bugged the crap out of me only primarily for destroying one of my favorite houses [which also happened to be an important modernist masterpiece] through an arrogant, botched remodel. Now, though, I can get annoyed at...
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Who Knows? The Jack Whites Say They're Having A Kid

Who really knows what's what with Jack White? In the summer, the White Stripes website announced his "first marriage" to model Karen Elson, which apparently meant his "first marriage where his ex-wife Meg White was the maid of honor for."...
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Infant Potty Training: NYT Freaks Out, Brazelton Mellows

The NY Times discovered elimination communication today on the therapy-happy West Side--and promptly freaked out about it:For many parents in the United States, the idea of potty training before a baby is able to walk, or even before age 2,...
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Smurfed Up Beyond All Recognition

In an effort to raise money for Unicef's rehabilitation programs for ex-child soldiers, IMPS, the Belgian company controlled by the Smurf heirs, has authorized the creation of what amounts to a Smurf snuff film, which will start airing on Belgian...
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I Wonder, Is Stewie Becoming A Popular Name?

The baby hurls grenades and sets traps that keep missing the target. "Damn you, vile woman" has become his signature cry, and a T-shirt slogan for the series. The running joke plays on the idea of babies as mini-despots, awaiting...
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