October 7, 2005

Stuff Yourself, Your Kid Full Of Newman's Own Alphabet Cookies

newmans_own_cookies.gifWow, my wife brought these home last night, and I am POUNDING these things even faster than the kid is. Newman's Own Alphabet Cookies are organic, low in fat, low in sugar, taste great in a not overpowering way. They're kind of hard and biscuity, but they're really good. We've only tried the cinnamon graham, but I'm sure Arrowroot and "wheat-free, gluten-free" are "popular" in their own niche markets (Indians and allergy sufferers, respectively).

Unfortunately, they're only available in the English alphabet, so no accents or umlauts or those odd smushed together letters the Scandinavians like so much. They ARE, however, made in the U.S.A.

Paul Newman himself seems to have stepped back from the company since its "all profits to charity" salad dressing days, though I don't hear many Keebler elves talking about donating all their royalties to charity.

Newman's Own Organic Alphabet Cookies [newmansownorganics.com]


try the Newman-O's, the chocolate Oreo cookie knockoffs and the ginger ones... yummmmmm! (and no artificial flavors, colors or MSG; take a hint, Nabisco)

MMMMmmm...they are good stuff. Our local grocery store has been carrying them for a while and the chocolate is outstanding and better for you. "Almost " Guilt free Chocolate Snacks.

My kid loves the cinammon graham flavor and they're not bad teething-type biscuits either. Good-bye guilt, hello Newman's Own Alphabet Cookies!

I can't believe you never knew about these before. I actually feel bad that I could have told you about them but didn't.

I'm pretty sure his company still donates all profits -- the organic stuff is his daughter's company and I feel like I read her reasoning for not donating as much...but I don't really remember, I just know her cookies are really good!

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