October 7, 2005

An R-Class?? Um, Seal, Can I See You Over Here, Please?


Obsessed over Bugaboos
And dollhouses
Hunted Seal

If Lindsay Lohan were to run me over in her Mercedes tomorrow, that'd be my epitaph. I'm not Jewish, but I think I'll be doing some serious repentance when Yom Kippur rolls around next week.

But until then, let's talk about Seal, who's pictured here coming out of an electronics warehouse in LA and heading to his---shiny, new Mercedes R-Class.

Two questions: Does he know how much the Rolling Stones got paid to be seen with their R-Class?

And more importantly: Is it still a minivan if Seal drives one?

Image: brunopress.nl, the only paparazzi site I know
Previously: R-class. I'd have to add that to the tombstone. I'm staying off the street for a while.

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