October 7, 2005

Bugaboo-hacking: The $99 Cameleon?

If you could make a Frog look convincingly like a Cameleon by dressing it up in a $99 fleece of your choosing, you could save $779. How's it look? Because it was so overcast today, my cameraphone pics didn't...
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An R-Class?? Um, Seal, Can I See You Over Here, Please?

Obsessed over Bugaboos And dollhouses Hunted Seal If Lindsay Lohan were to run me over in her Mercedes tomorrow, that'd be my epitaph. I'm not Jewish, but I think I'll be doing some serious repentance when Yom Kippur rolls...
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Mom-Kid Cares Wireless Leash? Dad Cares Not So Much

The best thing about the Mom-Kid Cares wireless child tracker is its cheap price ($US9.90) and its Hong Kong English descriptive text: Mom-Kid Cares Operation : # The transmitter can hook to the object (a Kid), and place the receiver...
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Stuff Yourself, Your Kid Full Of Newman's Own Alphabet Cookies

Wow, my wife brought these home last night, and I am POUNDING these things even faster than the kid is. Newman's Own Alphabet Cookies are organic, low in fat, low in sugar, taste great in a not overpowering way. They're...
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Lifehacker Learns French At Costco

After 8 years of staring at the bilingual packaging at Costco (bilingual so the company doesn't have to maintain entirely separate product inventories for the fine, fine folks in Canada, who like to keep their languages equal but separate), Lifehacker...
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Implant'em All, Let The OB Sort'em Out

The Wall Street Journal reports that, in IVF and even surrogacy treatments in the US, fertility clinics regularly ignore guidelines about multiple embryo implantations, resulting in far higher multiple births (and the increased risks and complications that go with it....
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Q: What Gift Would Impress You, Mr. VIP?

Here's the situation: You are a big swingin' D at the office; lots of direct reports, you have the CEO's ear on things that matter. You hold many peoples' livelihoods and professional fates in your hands. And yet, you're surprisingly...
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NYC Under Threat From Stroller-Pushing Terrorists?

If you see a menacing, Geraldo-looking guy pushing a stroller on the subway, CALL THE COPS IMMEDIATELY. IT IS NOT GERALDO. HE DOESN'T TAKE THE SUBWAY; HE HAS A BENTLEY AND A DRIVER. On the other hand, if you see...
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Art: Thomas Hirschhorn's Camo "Utopia, Utopia"

ICA Boston is currently hosting an installation by the Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn called "Utopia, Utopia." It's a sprawling overload of videos, objects, images, and texts about camouflage, and it sounds like an awesome visit. Hirschhorn constructs his works largely...
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Who Knew? The Jon Stewarts Are Having Another Kid

Not satisfied with controlling the TV and reprogramming the minds of today's youth, Jon Stewart is apparently plotting to fill the earth with people even shorter than himself. The unusually tall David Letterman, of all people, tricked Stewart into admitting...
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